actually the oldest one in the country

Maddie J asks, long has the York Fair been around? I heard it actually the oldest one in the country. Is that true? Yes, it true. The York Fair has been a long time tradition in York County. Get a small bottle with a dropper. Make a solution of equal parts white vinegar and rubbing alcohol. Warm the mixture by holding the bottle in your hands.

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I m just deeply concerned that you people won t know what s hit you when you don t have me here to do all those dirty jobs that somebody s gotta do. For example, who will go up to that untouchable group of guys on the other side of the room and risk rejection and consequent social death (it s an occupational hazard) for the good of the group Who will strike up a conversation with the hot waiter Who will create the sordid gossip for the amusement of you boring conservative types Who will give the group some cultural diversity titbits of Triple J (like the CD you all fell in love with when I accidentally left it at Avoca underground movies like the Jay Silent Bob series, weird lookin clothes that give your boat shoes, shirts and Sass Bide jeans some street cred Who will take the fall for saying what everyone else was thinking but was too polite to say Who will listen to your whinging when no one else gives a flying fcuk (don t avert your eyes, it s a brand name okay Who will broaden your horizons and make you leave the North Shore to come to a little caf in Pennant Hills Who will make you look like the Uber Driver by having ten times more car accidents than everyone else put together I mean excuse me while I convince myself I m an integral part of my social circle, but I think these are things some of you should consider before you decide that our separation won t impact on your life.Alternatively you could just give a fcuk about the fact that I m leaving all my friends and family behind, my home and my community, my coffee and my Australian currency for unknown territory about to be charted in solitude. Just a suggestion..

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