He was standing alone, so I wobbled up and began by because he

Thomas is his life.Albie knows his narrow gauges from his steam engines, a diesel box cab from a tram, and what buffers and flatbeds are.His passion and knowledge is in depth, extensive and apparently going nowhere, despite how much I hear about things in early just being short phases that they’ll grow out of before you know it.And so, last week we went to Thomas Land for his fourth birthday. As a special surprise, he would meet The Fat Controller while he was there, and I was very worried about it.The Fat Controller runs the whole railway. He’s basically God on the island of Sodor, and far more important than that in Albie’s eyes.The problem is, as a family, we do not do well with meeting our heroes.My mum once plucked up the courage to approach Barbra Streisand in an airport, leaned in to say how much she admired her, and headbutted her.Where you can enjoy a Day Out With Thomas the Tank Engine and how to get ticketsI was once at a work event and found myself in the same room as Ronnie Barker.The person I was with who knew how much I loved him convinced me I had to take this once in a lifetime opportunity to talk to him or I would regret it for the rest of my life.He was standing alone, so I wobbled up and began by because he must be so bored by this, but I just had to tell him that he was brilliant, so talented, and to thank him for all the amazing work he had done.

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